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My own StatusNet instance

by Julien on December 21st, 2011

After using microblogging patform for 2 years or so, I have recently decided to set up my own StatusNet instance to benefit from the power of federation.

The setup is quite easy, but I still have some tuning left. Most of the plugins I have tried (XMPP, realtime and twitter bridge) were very resource intensive, especially for my tiny virtual server, I hence had to disable them. I can live without them.

You can now follow my dents on If you were following me on, please update your subscription, the account will remain there but I do not expect to use it anymore.

The current problems with show how important federation and decentralization are. My timeline is very quiet for now though, I encourage more people to setup their own instances.

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  1. The 1.0.1 version is very buggy, 0.9.9 works better for me.

    • Julien permalink

      I have no major problem with it 1.0.1 (after fixing the XMPP daemon), only a few minor annoyances which might also be in 0.9.9. What are the issues you refer to?

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