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Back on Facebook…

by Julien on March 4th, 2012

Almost 2 years ago, I decided to close and permanently delete my Facebook account. Since then, I have been using, and then my own StatusNet instance as primary social network. I also have accounts on Google+ and Diaspora*, but the connections I have there are mainly related to my Free Software activities.

I also have a Twitter account which allows me to replicate the contents of the dents sent to my StatusNet timeline, but also to follow people through the StatusNet TwitterBridge plugin.

However, when it comes to “real life” friends or relatives, Facebook seems to be unavoidable. I have hence opened a new Facebook account. I do not think I will publish anything there, but who knows…

What really decided me to open an account again is the fact a friend of mine recently gave birth to a daughter, and I was informed of it yesterday, more than 2 weeks after the birth!

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