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Goodbye Facebook

by Julien on June 5th, 2010

Today, I have finally permanently deleted my Facebook account.

I have followed Matt Zimmerman’s procedure, and it seems everything went well.
Now, I just need to not login to Facebook over the next 14 days, which shouldn’t be a problem at all (my last connection was something like 2 or 3 months ago!).

My aim is now to make more and more people use as their primary social network. I will also follow the Diaspora project.

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  1. BeS permalink

    Indeed, is a really good option. I’m using it too. But I don’t think alone can replace a complete social network like facebook.

    Personally I have an facebook account. But I use it only pasive. This means my facebook page is more or less an additional homepage with contact information like e-mail, xmpp(jabber),,… and a note that people should use this tools to get in contact with me. I also forward my dents and blog posts (via rss) to facebook but i never use facebook for communication.

    That way my Facebook page is a window into my world with the neccessary information how to reach me for friends using Facebook. I hope this also educates them that we have different/better communication channels like a proprietary social network.

  2. Unfortunatly is not a Facebook replacement. Maybe it can replace Twitter, one day. As for Facebook, Diaspora seems the answer to that.

  3. I am helping to test ‘opensocialweb’ it uses xmpp goodness. Hopefully in the next year it can gain some more social networking features.

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