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Quick and dirty Debian packages for various kernel modules

by Julien on September 11th, 2011

As I own several more or less recent laptops, some of their features require updated/new kernel modules to work as expected. I have hence decided to create Debian packages for them, primarily for my own use.

Note that these packages are meant to be used with caution, I have only tested them on my own hardware, and they would deserve more careful review.

All -source and -dkms packages are available in my personal repository for Debian sid.

The sources are maintained in git, as usual.

  • rts5139
    This new module is already in linux-next and adds support for recent 5129/39 Realtek card readers.
  • psmouse-elantech
    This is the psmouse module with basic v3 hardware support for newer devices not currently supported by the in-tree module.
    See the discussion at #633595 for more information.
  • acerhdf
    The in-tree acerhdf module doesn’t support the BIOS version 1.3314 of my Aspire 1810TZ, while the module available at does. I have hence packaged this version, and even submitted a one-line patch upstream which has been accepted for linux 3.1. My first (tiny) contribution!
  • omnibook
    I have also taken the time to update the omnibook package. The project is still unmaintained upstream, but I have git commit access, hence if anybody is interested in taking over…

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