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Aug 6 11

New signing subkey

by Julien

Thanks to Lars Wirzenius who has written a nice how-to on GnuPG subkeys on the Debian wiki, I am now using a signing subkey.

If you happen to have my key 0x258E26B1 in your public keyring, please update it:

gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 258E26B1

This will allow me to keep my master private key offline while still being able to sign mail or Debian packages for upload.

Jul 14 11

Sharing my dotfiles

by Julien

I have been using git to manage my dotfiles for a few months now, and though my repository is world readable, I haven’t yet shared this information publicly, which is now done.

All my zsh, mutt, vim, openbox etc. configuration files are hence available from my git repo at:

Nothing fancy, but still, this might be useful for some of the readers.

Mar 31 11

DSPAM Debian package updated

by Julien

2 years and a half after the last maintainer upload, I have finally uploaded updated DSPAM package to Debian experimental.

It will have to go through the NEW queue as I have added a dspam-dbg binary package containing debugging symbols.

I am now listed as the only uploader, all previous maintainers having lost interest in maintaining DSPAM.

Please test these new packages, report bugs, help me improving them so that I can finally upoad it to unstable.

Jan 23 11

I’m also going to…

by Julien


It will be my first time there, I hope I’ll manage to meet lots of people I only know through mailing-lists.

See you there!

Nov 9 10

I am a Debian Developer!

by Julien

A few months after starting the NM process, I have just been accepted as a Debian Developer.

My account name is simply: julien

I have been a Debian user for about 10 years now, and began contributing to Debian in 2005. I have then been accepted as a Debian Maintainer in 2007.

This post is mainly to thank:

  • all my sponsors: Christoph Haas (haas) , Loïc Minier (lool), Free Ekanayaka (freee), Maximiliano Curia (maxy) and Micah Anderson (micah),
  • my advocate: Matthijs Möhlman (matthijs)
  • my AM (who has actually made it happen in a really short time frame, thanks a lot to him): Xavier Oswald (xoswald)
  • all people who helped me during the process, to name a few: Christoph Berg (myon), Enrio Zini (enrico), Peter Palfrader (weasel)

Also thanks to all people who have already sent their congratulations, it makes me very proud!

Nov 1 10

Mini DebConf Paris 2010

by Julien

I am now back home after 2 days spent at the first mini DebConf Paris.

It was really nice to meet a lot of people, and to be able to discuss various aspects of Debian and Free Software in general.

People came from all over Europe (at least from the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, and obviously a majority of French people).

All the talks I have been able to attend were really interesting, and some of the slides have already been made available by their author:

I have also taken part to the keysigning party, which will now allows me to use my newly generated 4096R key.

The group picture is also online, as well as a more comprehensive gallery.

Thanks a lot to the organisation team, you guys have made an awesome work!

See you all next year!